O’NEIL, Brian

Brian O’Neil
In loving memory of our son Brian and father who passed away June 25, 2007.
Brian its been twelve long years since you have been gone, and we miss you just as much now as then.
Time slips by and life goes on
But from our hearts you are never gone, son.
We think about you always, Brian
We talk about you too son,
We have so many memories of you
But all we wanted was you son.
It’s sometimes hard to know why some things happen as they do
For much joy and happiness was centred around you.
It seems so hard to comprehend that you’re no longer here
But all the happy memories will help to keep you near.
You’re thought about with pride son, with each mention of your name
Death cannot change a single thing, the love we have for you son will still remain.
Missing you always with love, till then son, Love Mother, Father and your son Bradley