LANE, William Burley

William Burley Lane was born at the old Picton hospital on Hill Street on November 19, 1934. He passed away, leaving his home at 33 Hill street on February. 19, 2017.
It has been three long years since you left us and you have been missed every day by your wife, Doris , son Bryan, and your dogs Sprucey and Artie. Now there is a new dog here, a Boston Bull Terrier named Gracey, which would make the 6th Boston that has been in the Lane household since 1934. Gracey loves Doris and Bryan and we are sure she would love you, as you would adore her. Your spirit is always with us and we hope your soul has found a new dwelling place.  
“My mind still talks to you, my heart still looks for you, my soul knows you are at peace.”  Love Doris and Bryan.