Private waterfalls open for weekend tours

Natural beauty - Visitors have a chance to see South Marysburgh’s Jackson’s Falls up close this weekend, thanks to the Rotary Club of Picton’s annual waterfalls tour. (Adam Bramburger/Gazette staff)

Rotary Club of Picton offers rare glimpse of sites to support water projects

Once again this Easter weekend, two stunning waterfalls on private property in Prince Edward County will be available for public viewing.

The Rotary Club of Picton has again worked with Hossein and Anne Banani,the landowners at Cape Vesey, and John and Brenda Law, the landowners at Jackson’s Falls to secure access in order to assist with international water projects supported by the club.

Over the past five years, the Rotary Foundation has invested in more than 1,000 water, sanitation and hygiene programs in over 100 countries. Among those efforts was a water storage project at the Atorkor Vocational Training Institute in Ghana, part of an effort spearheaded by the club and former member Peta Hall to improve education and employment in a coastal village.

Some 110 schools in Ghana now have better sanitation systems due to a partnership between the Rotary Foundation and the United States Agency for International Development. Rotary also made positive strides in Madagascar and Uganda.The foundation has challenged clubs to support similar efforts in Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, India, and Kenya. It hopes to reach provide safe, clean water around the world by 2030.

Last year alone, the Picton Club’s tours raised more than $7,300 for the cause with more than 3,000 people visiting the two sites.

“It’s very enjoyable and people are chatting, talking to each other, being neighbourly and genuinely enjoying themselves,” Rotarian Jim Hughes said after that tour. “When they leave, almost every person comes up to a Rotary Club member and says thank you so we figure that everyone must enjoy it.”

The properties for the self-guided tours are 3718 County Rd. 8 for  Cape Vesey and 1749 County Rd. 17 for Jackson’s Falls. Club members recommend that visitors wear hiking attire and highly recommend the use of a camera.

The event runs Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Before visiting the waterfalls, visitors are asked to check in with a Rotarian at the gates and make a donation.More information is available by calling 613-476-1309 or 613-813-1658 or visiting