DICKSON, Kevin Robert

In memory of our beloved son
Kevin Robert Dickson
April 1, 1964 – February 27, 2011
Ten years have passed so quickly
Since you have gone away,
So many things have happened
It’s not the same today.
We think of you in silence,
We often speak your name,
But all we have are memories
And your picture in a frame.
Your resting place we visit
And put flowers there with care,
But no one knows the heartache
As we turn and leave you there.
But happier days are coming
When we will meet again,
In a land of eternal sunshine
With no sickness – death or pain.
Until then in our hearts forever,

Never to be forgotten, Mom and Dad
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
In memory of Kevin Robert Dickson
A poem composed and written by his friend Hank Lammes,
“That’s What I Call a Friend”
One who’s grip is a little tighter
One who’s smile is a little brighter
One who’s deeds are a little whiter
That’s what I call a Friend
One who’ll lend as quick as he’ll borrow,
One who’s the same today as tomorrow
One who will share your joy and sorrow
That’s what I call a Friend
One who’s thoughts are a little cleaner
One who’s mind is a little keener
One who avoids those that are meaner
That’s what I call a Friend
One when you’re gone who’ll miss you sadly
One who’ll welcome you back again gladly
One who though angered will not speak madly
That’s what I call a Friend
One who is always willing to aid you
One who’s advice has always paid you
One who’s defended when other flayed you
That’s what I call a Friend
One who’s been fine when life seemed rotten
One who’s ideals you have not forgotten
One who has given you more then he’s gotten
That’s what I call a Friend