Frozen entrées offer flexibilty

Frozen meals can give seniors lots of flexibility.

You can eat them whenever you want. Heat them in the conventional oven or in the microwave, depending upon whether you’re in a hurry. If you have chronic diseases you might have good days and not so good days. These meals are very tasty, convenient, low sodium and nutritious and a good option on the days you don’t feel like cooking. These meals are available to any senior age 60+.

The frozen meal program has become a popular and feasible choice for many seniors. It’s much, much better than tea and toast at helping to maintain health. One of our clients says “currently, I like to have a few frozen dinners in my freezer, for those days when I really don’t feel like cooking. Thank you all, for all you do to help seniors.”

Community Care provides a wide selection of individual entrees, soup and tasty desserts from which you may choose. Special diet needs such as renal, gluten free and lactose free, as well as pureed and minced options are available. All meals are low in sodium content, unlike the frozen selections at your local grocer. “Frozen meals have lightened the work of supper preparation, they are always there for me.”

The menu provides complete meals, soups and desserts. All of the items on the menu are made with a focus on nutrition. Most of them are diabetic friendly, low in fat, calories and sodium. There are a number of low sodium soup options and a few desserts that are made with low sugar. The pamphlet has diet codes that classify each meal. These codes help seniors to choose which item is right for them. Some of the menu selections are lactose and gluten free and suitable for a renal diet. In addition there is a range of meals and soups for those who need a minced or pureed diet. Vegetarian and Vegan items are also available.

Community Care will arrange for a volunteer to deliver your frozen meal order to your door, ready to be placed in the freezer for when you wish to use them. Of course, all pandemic protocols are in place and delivery is contactless. “The Meals on Wheels delivery people are wonderful, caring people,” commented a senior. You can also pick up your order or ask a family member or friend do so for you. Call the office today and ask for a copy of the new pamphlet that lists the entrees, soup and desserts that are available. If delivery of a hot meal to your door would be more suitable for your situation then you can talk to staff about that program as well. Some clients participate in both the hot and frozen program.

We’re all about flexibility at Community Care and we’ll work with you to be sure you have what you need.

Call 613-476-7493 for more information.

-Debbie MacDonald Moynes