Growth needs to benefit both ‘old’ and ‘new’ according to Ward 4’s Tkach

Bill Tkach

After numerous enjoyable visits to Prince Edward County throughout the years, my wife Sharon and I finally moved here permanently in the spring of 2013. Since then, we’ve had the joy of experiencing a new challenge by starting our small family vineyard, now in its 10th year, which provides grapes to local wineries. We are immensely proud!

I spent more than 25 years in the financial industry as a sales executive dealing with a diverse sales force, continuously delivering on targets while maintaining budgets. As of earlier this year, I am retired, and the way I would like to spend my time is by giving back to a place that has so warmly welcomed my family and the place we all proudly call home, The County. I believe the best way to do this is to run for council.

I have always been interested in politics and feel that the varied experience I have gained throughout my career will allow me to address the issues of The County by bringing a new and challenging insight to council.

The vibrant growth in The County needs clear and effective management to ensure it is beneficial to both the ‘old’ and the ‘new’. Over the years here, I have become acutely aware of issues facing the agricultural world and come to understand the need for affordability and will work to keep spending focused, no waste.

Coworkers have labelled me with a “get things done” attitude and I feel that my innovative thinking and ability to use common sense to make rational decisions will be a benefit to the constituents of Ameliasburgh and The County.

I am committed to learning your issues, delivering them to council and making sure funds allocated to The County work efficiently for The County.