Milford installations the tip of the iceberg

Experience is something you get right after you need it. On the heels of a potent, jam-packed rally in Milford to implore the government to pack up its turbines and go home, the bitter aftertaste and lingering sting of feeling deceived and betrayed remains ours to mourn and avenge.

When you think about it, the optics of investing in wind turbines can be construed as a patriotic opportunity to demonstrate support for green energy when better options may exist, but this turbine project is lead contender for first place as a blue ribbon colossal failure.

Clearly, Premier Kathleen Wynne doesn’t want to be confused with the facts, she has already made up her mind! Wynne is at the helm of The Ontario Green Energy Act — the largest transfer of wealth in Canadian history, and as it crosses the performance finish line, it’s lagging so far behind, the premier thinks it came in first!

As recited in quote after quote: The net result is this is the most over-priced, inefficient, redundant, useless subsidized wind power electricity in North America never mind Ontario. All supply with no demand. Ontarians have an abundant supply of apologies and mea culpas from the Ontario’s energy minister for “sub-optimal outcomes”. Serenity Now!

The notion of erecting seven 480’ turbines in our hamlet of Milford is just plain ludicrous, although the reality is easily heard by the heavy, gravel-laden trucks barreling down County Rd. 13 providing thunderous, early morning wake-up calls.

The ugly esthetics that are beginning to sprout will impose a fire sale price tag for potential business investors in Milford and has struck fear in the marrow of our seniors inflicted with depressed residential land values while huddled beneath the looming white elephants! This is the Canadian government that has shoved its citizens to the sidelines to put up and shut up while they impose incompetent, environmental destruction upon a gentle community.

The knights of South Marysburgh tilting at wind turbines are growing in numbers scattered across the belly of South Bay in a mission to quash the project. Appointing Milford for monolithic wind turbines, flies in the face of all that is naturally beautiful, peaceful and harmonious in the county. The 800-miles of shoreline tucked into warm, white sand dunes, tropically -hued waters, wine, food, farming, olive oil, maple syrup and bursting with artistic bounty is sacrilegious. Since a malignant beachhead is now established in Milford, many districts are fearful where the hogs will source their next county truffle.

I am not alone in my belief this is the tip of the iceberg — a mere foothold. We need to stay on our toes; remain prepared, organized and willing to strategically cross swords — especially when the opponent’s strategy is death by 1,000 cuts.

While defending both professional and personal scrutiny, perhaps Mayor Quaiff has the right idea, attacking the issue from within? After all, one of the most successful strategies every employed is “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Milford owns the mouths that roar “we are mad as hell and won’t take it anymore” and it has fallen on the selected hearing of Premier Wynne. Steve Ferguson closed his speech at the APPEC annual general meeting last Sunday, quoting McGuinty “they (the public) can’t stay mad at us forever”. In Milford, Ontario, those are fighting words!

Mary Malone