Info For Seniors: Quinte Waste Solutions answers recycling questions

We’ve all heard the mantra reduce, reuse, recycle. Recycling is actually the third best thing to do. Reducing the waste that you produce is the best. Reusing is next best and we invite you to donate your good used items and clothing to Community Care’s Thrift Shop to help with that. Remember to shop at the Thrift Shop, too. The third best thing to do is recycle.

A couple years ago we asked Quinte Waste Solutions (QWS) to provide an education session for our Thrift Shop volunteers. Almost all of them said they learned something new that day. Here’s some information from QWS web site, used with permission…

What do I do with my paper take away drink cups? Even though it is commonly thought that since these products are partially made of fibre they can be recycled, they are not a good product for the blue box. This is due to a variety of factors: the wax on the inside of the cup is difficult to separate in the manufacturer’s recycling process, the fibre is a different material then the fibre in cardboard, newspaper, or cartons; and paper cups are quite often contaminated with drink products. The residue in take away cups contributes to the contamination of other products. The best thing to do as an active environmental resident in our area is to use reusable travel mugs!

Why isn’t black plastic recyclable? Plastic that is dyed black indicates the end of the plastic’s life-cycle. For manufacturers who buy plastic materials to recycle into new plastic products, black plastic is not high quality and therefore diminishes the quality of the recycled product. The simple reason they no longer recycle this product at Quinte Waste Solutions is because there is no longer a market for the product because it is low quality. Black plastic goes into the garbage.

Why didn’t my Blue Box get picked up? There are three main reasons why your blue box may have not been collected: 1. You’ve mixed paper products with plastic and metal containers. In this area, residents are asked to keep paper separate from plastic and metal containers. Take the sorting tutorial on the QWS website at 2. You’ve set your recycling out late. The drivers start their days at 7 a.m., and have since 1990. While collection days do not change, routes often do. To ensure collection, always have your blue box out by 7 a.m. 3. You put non-recyclables in the blue box. Check the web site for a list of what is accepted in the blue box program.

Are light bulbs and fluorescent tubes recyclable? Fluorescent tubes are recyclable through the hazardous waste collection program. Download a copy of the household hazardous and electronic waste schedule and list of acceptable items on the QWS website. Regular incandescent bulbs are not recyclable and should go in the garbage.

Where can I get a new or replacement Blue Box? Recycling boxes must be used for curbside pickup. They can be purchased for $8 at Shire Hall, 332 Picton Main Street, Picton, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday – Friday. Damaged blue boxes will be replaced free of charge. Bring your broken blue box to Shire Hall and trade it in for a new one. Recycling will also be accepted at any County landfill site (open Saturdays, from 8-4).

Learn to be Tech Savvy

There’s still time to sign up for the workshop on “Learn to be Tech Savvy: What Seniors Need to Know.”

Julie Lane-Yntema, the County Library’s technology resource centre co-ordinator, will give a basic overview of the iOS and how to navigate Apple devices, the main functions of menus and most commonly used apps.  Bring your iPhone or iPad as there will be a time for questions.

This free talk is on Friday, Feb. 16, 2018 at 10 a.m. at the office of Community Care.  Free transportation and refreshments.This presentation is part of a project funded by the Retired Teachers of Ontario Foundation.  To register, call the office at 613-476-7493.


Milford Seniors Luncheon Social

Roast loin of pork is on the menu Feb. 21 along with homemade soup, potatoes, coleslaw, vegetables, chocolate cake, bread and butter, coffee and tea all catered by Bill Grieve, the chef with Wheel House and Occasions Catering.  The cost is $10 per person.Reserve your place by the Tuesday prior at noon by calling 613-476-7493. Take-out or delivery available.

Family Day hours

The Community Care office and thrift shop are closed for Family Day on Monday, Feb. 19. Meals on Wheels will go out as usual on that day.

-Debbie MacDonald Moynes