Inside The Library: April features abundance of literary events

In Prince Edward County April and spring signal an abundance of literary events. This year mark your calendars for April 19, 20 and 21. This time of year at the library we field questions from concerned patrons – “Have I missed the announcement about the County Reads book choices?”,“Where will it be held this year?” This year we have reassured concerned individuals that “Yes, there are other author events planned to accompany County Reads.”

If there is confusion and concern perhaps it is with good reason! This year we have changed the logo for The County Reads – though not the format I hasten to add. We do not want to tamper with success and very successful that event is. In fact so successful that the former Written Word Committee of the Prince Edward County Arts Council, when they decided they could not continue to be the organizing force behind the event, approached the library to take it on.

The committee was also the driving force behind County Kids Read. The success and growth of that program brought them to the decision to find a new organizer for County Reads.

The library jumped at the chance to continue County Reads. Under Anne Preston and the committee, it had become a well-established and anticipated event. We well know that it is good for circulation, as people seek out the books chosen by the presenters. This year in case you missed it last week the books are: Glory by Gillian Wigmore presented by Krista Dalby, The Last Neanderthal by Claire Cameron presented by Ray Hobson, Testimony by Robbie Robertson presented by Conrad Beaubien, Son of a Trickster by Eden Robinson, presented by Sarah Selecky and The River by Helen Humphreys, presented by Shelagh Mathers. To try and clear up confusion we decided it was time to roll out a new logo. Check it out at or pick up a bookmark with the list of books and presenters at any of our branches.

I promised that there are events planned following County Reads. Join us Friday and Saturday for The County Reads…More to meet authors Roch Carrier, Debra Komar, Tim Falconer, Catherine Graham, Rosemary Sullivan and Brad Smith. For more details on these authors, their work and the schedule of events, read the library column next week.

The County Reads … More is new this year and was planned in response to the disappointing news that there was to be no Authors Festival. This year authors are coming to Prince Edward in support of the library’s expansion and ticket sales in part will contribute to the building fund.

Another wrinkle in this saga of shifting responsibilities – it is interesting to note that the Books for County Babies, started by the Wellington Friends of the Library is now under the umbrella of County Kids Read. The Friends felt that their program, insuring that families with newborns were given appropriate materials to start their child on a life enriched by reading, would be well served by Preston and her volunteers with County Kids Read. The County Kids Read will have a table at the County Reads event and anyone interested in volunteering with that very active group or in donating to their program, can visit with them on April 19 at Waring Hall.

The strong partnerships that we enjoy in Prince Edward County contribute to a vibrant literary community. The library is very grateful for all of the support that it receives in the community and we look forward to another great spring of literary events.

-Barbara Sweet