Stories From Our Past — Week of April 5, 2018

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…


– An airplane landed on the ice in the inner harbour in Picton. When the plane was due to climb into the sky again, pilot Arther Leavens taxied onto a soft spot in the ice. The plane crashed through and rested on its wings. A hoist was required to lift the plane out of the water.

– Hydro power for Cherry Valley was discussed at a well-attended meeting. A provincial engineer said it would cost $1,500 to make the connection and at least three farmers and 12 families would need to subscribe for the service to proceed.

– Picton council received a petition from the residents of Barker Street requesting the town repair their road. The matter was referred to the streets committee to consider.


– Gerald Miller, 18, of Waupoos found himself shot in the wrist. A group of boys had been shooting at Sandy Point. His dog ran toward the firing range and he put out his arm to pull it back when a friend’s .22-calibre rifle discharged. Miller underwent emergency surgery in Picton to have the bullet removed.

– Restrictions on power usage across southern Ontario were lifted as the water levels in the great lakes were replenished enough to increase available supply. Users were cautioned they should still conserve.

– The Ontario Supreme Court sat in Picton, but there was no criminal business. The chief justice was presented white gloves, a customary gift for such a visit.


-Mayor Don King said Picton had the best parking situation of any town its size anywhere in Ontario. King pointed to 173 metered spaces and 129 free spaces in the downtown core alone. King added he’d listen to any reasonable idea to add spaces.

– South Marysburgh residents started a fundraising drive to create tennis courts in the Milford area after 130 residents expressed their interest via sign-up sheets at local stores. Dances, raffles, a televised tennis-ball-a-thon, and a bowling tournament were scheduled to assist with the drive.

– The Wellington Pentecostal Church was undergoing a $30,000 expansion project designed to add additional seating in its sanctuary for a growing congregation.


– Prince Edward County voted down a motion that would see the tendering process for police services reopened, potentially allowing for a regional police force in conjunction with Belleville or Quinte West. Instead, the municipality would continue to be served by the OPP.

– PECI Grade 10 student Lesley Northam received her second straight trip to the Canada-Wide Science Fair after earning the “best overall exhibit” award at the Quinte regional fair, which evaluated the effectiveness of soaps to kill bacteria.

– Athol/South Marysburgh principal David Fox took a secondment to the board office for a three-month period to help with issues arising due to amalgamation.