Turbine construction seems like dirty business

Trees are our lungs. They absorb carbon dioxide and give us oxygen. It takes seven mature trees one year to produce enough oxygen for one person. Trees are the best fighters against carbon emissions. Transportation (truck, ship, air) and manufacturing (cement, steel) are the second and third major producers of these emissions. So…..can the clear-cutting of trees, manufacturing and transportation of cement, gravel and steel for the installation of wind turbines be called “clean?”

If trees are our lungs, wetlands are our kidneys. Wetlands clean the water that flows through them and recharges underground aquifers. They store carbon in their lower layers of vegetation and sediment. They are a habitat for biodiversity. So….can the dredging and destruction of wetlands for the installation of wind turbines be called “clean?”

The whole process seems like dirty business.

Janice Gibbins