From fresh faces to proud Panthers



A little over four years ago, some graduating Grade 8 students stopped by PECI for a Grade 9 shadowing day to become better acclimatized with the local secondary school.

The Gazette grabbed a picture that day in 2014 and the available students recreated the photo four years later.

WHAT A WHRILWIND- From the early days to the bitter end, PECI Students (top photo, from left) Jasmyn McConnell, Stacey Hodson, John Conroy, Destiney Godfrey, Erica Algar, Emily Todd and Wyatt Gilbert recreate a photo taken just prior to the 2014-15 school year. Absent from the current photo with regret are (third from left) John Barratt and (eighth from left) Matt Channel. (Jason Parks/Gazette Staff)