Letter: New development has become overwhelming

Regarding “Quinte’s Isle neighbours push for answers about proposed 337-site expansion plan, “ in the Aug. 9 Gazette

Is it just me or are there others who feel these expansions have become overwhelming? I feel we are losing the county’s charm. If I have this right there will be 2,000 more year round cars on our roads by 2021.

Years ago we moved here for what it was, not for what it would become. If I wanted traffic congestion, aggravating parking meters, inconvenient parking, destruction of wet lands and open spaces I would have moved to the Toronto area.

The 337-site plan, the Picton Bay “Views” and others continue to increase the aggravating and inconvenience of our enjoyment of life in the county. Planners state the 337-site will generate $300,000 more revenue each year, it will have an $800,000 development charge and employ six more people. Help! We easily burn six people’s wages in gas idling through town now.

In regard to the revenue, how much tax will be needed to expropriate peoples’s back yards and farm lands to build a Picton bypass? There is short-term thinking for a few bucks now. So lets cost out the bypass and the effects on downtown business.

Brian Mellor