Stories From Our Past — Week of Oct. 25, 2018

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…


– Kindergarten classes in Picton were suspended after it was learned Scarlet fever was present in a pupil’s home. It was thought closing the Kindergarten as a precaution could prevent the illness from spreading to other families.

– Ontario’s education minister, Dr. L. J. Simpson, announced students entering high school would only have to take five examinations. Thy included English literature, composition and grammar, spelling, writing, and mathematics. A 60-per-cent average overall was needed for entry.

– Cressy’s John Voss was to board an ocean liner bound for Sao Paulo, Brazil to begin eight years of study to become a priest in the Order of St. Benedict, alongside his brother.


– The Bloomfield tax rate was poised to increase by 54 per cent. While school board taxation was on the rise, plans to introduce garbage collection and install street lights were major drivers of the increase.

– Athol Township officially re-opened its hall in Cherry Valley after a closure to lay hardwood flooring and make other improvements. Rolston’s Orchestra would play music at the opening event, which was reserved for people who contributed to fundraising efforts. Another party would be held for the general public at a later date.

– A 17-year-old Picton youth was sentenced to two years in the Ontario Reformatory for an armed robbery at the East End Grocery and a theft at Bata Shoe Co.


– When Picton council approved the site planning for a new A&P supermarket at the west end of Main Street , it was learned the development would house two other businesses: A Sears catalogue ordering depot and a Royal Trust bank. With those allowances, A&P offered assurances it wouldn’t attempt further expansion after its site plan agreement expired in six months.

– Picton Mayor Donald King was acclaimed to another two-year term as election nominations closed. Reeve Charles Hepburn was also acclaimed.

– Picton council chose to delay the issue of debentures to refinance the town’s sewage plant as advisors suggested the economy would be in a stronger position in a year.


– The Ontario Provincial Police charged a 33-year-old Ameliasburgh man with one count of importation of child pornography. Police stated a search did not reveal any pornography in the man’s possession, but rather he was caught ordering the material.

– Bergeron’s Exotic Animal Sanctuary received negative press from a Zoocheck Canada report that placed it with the “best of the worst,” but British veterinarian Dr. Samantha Lindley offered a mostly positive review. She called for improved security fencing and more space for large cats.

– PECI Grade 10 student Adam Terpstra organized petitions agains the County’s ban of skateboarding, in-line skating and bicycling within Picton’s downtown core.