MANLOW, Burton Donald

Burton Donald Manlow 
February 7, 1944 – November 13, 2014
We look up at the stars at night and wonder if you can see us,
then the brightest star in the sky is shining through,
we know it’s you, “Grandpa down the road”, saying “I see you and love you too”.
You’re always on our minds, forever in our hearts.
Four years have come and gone, since you went up to the stars “Grandpa down the road”.
With love, your wife Geri, sisters Betty Clarke and Freda Manlow, son & daughter-in-law Michael Manlow and Stephanie Roth, daughter & son-in-law Shari & Sean Robinson, Grandchildren Krystal & David Moore, Kassandra & Jeff Moore, Max & Sydney Manlow, and great grandchildren Melanie & Matthew Moore and our extended family.