Letter: White Pines project offered environmental benefits

Many people are not aware of a lot of good things that were happening in the county — one being that in the autumn of 2015, 72 hectares of land was prepared and planted with 40 different types of flowering plants and 17 native grasses.

This was done to support, attract, and retain the eastern meadowlark and the bobolink, with 41 hectares of this created particularly for the whip-poor-will. This single parcel of land has been providing much-needed habitat for threatened species. Not only is it beautiful to look at and beneficial to birds, insects and other wildlife, it also provides an income for the landowner and farmer who leased the land out for 20 years.

This large swath of land was chosen carefully so it would be perfect for the purpose of helping increase the number of birds. Therefore, the land had to be isolated from roads, construction, and tall structures. This property is in North Marysburgh on Rose Crossroad.

The same project was also funding a four-year research project and a masters thesis for better understanding the protection of the eastern whip-poor-will. More people were educated on species-at-risk and how to protect them than on any other project in th area and it did more that what the Ministry of Environment, Conservation, and Parks does to educate people.

In fact, 756 people were trained on how to spot, recognize, report, and protect eastern meadowlark, whip-poor-will, and bobolink.

This was all planned, paid for, and put into action by wpd for the White Pines Wind Project. Now, thanks for the Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County, Todd Smith, and Doug Ford this project is cancelled. The beautiful meadows of wildflowers will be all plowed under and the habitat destroyed.

All of the funding for this project and numerous other beneficial widlife protection projects is now dead, thanks to these “no” people. How sad for all the rest of us and the environment’s future!

We don’t have to sit back and accept this poor decision, but we must be heard and now is your opportunity to do so.

To submit a comment with your concerns, please write to Zeljko Romic, Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks, Environmental Assessment and Permissions Division, Client Services and Permissions Branch, 135 St. Clair Ave. W. 1st floor, Toronto, Ontario M4V1P5, phone 416-314-8204 or visit ero.ontario.ca/notice/013-3835.

Jen Ackerman