Letter: South shore project is ‘thankfully deceased — end of story’

I refer to the two letters published at page 9 of your Nov. 22 edition.

As Catherine Reilly mentions it is thanks to the Ford government and our MPP Todd Smith that the White Pines project has been cancelled. For this they should be congratulated not dismissed on — among others — the questionable grounds of tourists driving back and forth creating carbon for every kilometre.

As for Jen Ackerman, she fails to mention her loss of many thousands of dollars of annual rent over 20 years from leasing one turbine site to wpd. Also, her suggestion to write commenting on the “poor decision” to the described ministry is mistaken. The only comments the ministry will accept are on the published draft regulations to demolish the White Pines wind factory and to restore the county to its pre-existing condition before wpd receives the compensation provided for in the Ford government’s legislation, no other.

White Pines is thankfully deceased — end of story.

Garth Manning