Stories From Our Past — Week of Jan. 10, 2019

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…


– A group running under the ticket the Citizen’s League managed to secure seven seats in Picton’s council election, including those of mayor, reeve, and deputy reeve. J.H. Porte would be the town’s mayor, winning by 45 votes.

– An intermediate hockey team visiting from Belleville was no match for Picton’s OHA junior entry as the locals won 14-0 over the older, heavier side. Picton’s seven-man team scored five of their goals by half time and cruised to victory.

– The Picton police court took in over $100 in fines and costs in a day as Inspector Sexsmith cracked down on unlicenced liquor sales and intoxicated individuals who were listed under prohibition orders.


–  The Folkard Canning Company lost between 40-50,000 cases of canned goods when fire struck its warehouse at Bethel. Loss from the blaze, believed started by an explosion in the coal stove or the chimney, was estimated at over $100,000.

– Picton was in negotiations with the H.J. Heinz Company regarding establishment of a canning factory in town. The American company was looking at expanding its footprint in Ontario beyond its Leamington plant, which employed 2,000 people.

– Mayor Nesbitt McKibbon outlined council’s priorities for the year. Finding a suitable public restroom, converting Town Marsh to a park, and inviting the King and Queen to visit were chief on their list.


– The Prince Edward-Hastings Liberal Association was to petition the federal government to locate a $150-million international airport in the southern part of Prince Edward County. It was thought the airport would ease pressures in Toronto and Montreal, create up to 144,000 jobs and offer a safe landing area near water.

– The Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital suspended visitation as heavy colds and viruses reduced available staff and impacted patients. No word was given as to when visits might be allowed.

– The Ontario Housing Corporation selected a property on the west side of Lake Street to develop a senior citizens’ building within walking distance to businesses.


– The full-time office and clerical workers at Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital joined the Service Employees International Union. Union representative Bob Blewitt said the hospital was one of the last in the area to see its staff sign up. He said he was also in the process of recruiting part-time workers to join the union.

– Four fish buyers and 14 commercial fishing operations were charged after a Ministry of Natural Resources investigation into illicit fish sales. The fishermen allegedly sold species that were closed to commercial fishing due to high contaminant levels.

– Local motorists were slow to buy their licence validation stickers. Only about 400 of between 6-7,000 drivers had renewed.