Letters: Pedestrian safety at Macaulay Village should be budget priority

On Nov. 15, students from Prince Edward Learning Centre made a presentation to Shire Hall about pedestrian safety and access to the community for Macaulay Village residents.

Presenters described conditions that make it unsafe for Macaulay residents, and leave this largely low-income community isolated and cut off from services and amenities in Picton.

As council considers the budget priorities for the new year, we ask that they prioritize the safety of our community. It’s time that we see the construction of sidewalks, the addition of proper lighting, signage, and traffic-slowing measures including reduced speed limits or speed bumps. We must prevent another accident from happening.

Outgoing Mayor Robert Quaiff responded to our deputation by saying “It’s going to happen. The lighting is going to happen. The sidewalk is going to happen. Please know that measures are being taken.” This is an urgent matter of great importance and we hope to see that reflected in the budget priorities for 2019 by the newly elected council.

Les Bystrzycki, on behalf of my classmates at Prince Edward Learning Centre.