Smitty sends $5,000 to hospital foundation to ‘Back the Build’

THANK YOU SMITTY- Corbyville businessman Cecil 'Smitty' Smith received excellent care during a routine scope procedure at PECMH last month. Smitty's Appliances has donated $5,000 to the Back the build campaign. Pictured at the endoscopy appointment were (From left) Joessel Caytiles – RPN, Amy McKinley - RPN, Delores Chalmers – RN and team leader for the Endoscopy Department, Cecil ‘Smitty’ Smith (seated), Shannon Reid - RPN and Shannon Coull, executive director of the PECMH Foundation. (Submitted Photo)

The little businessman with the big heart has shown just how big his heart is.

Cecil ‘Smitty’ Smith, owner of Smitty’s Appliances in Corbyville gave back to Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital in a big way after he underwent a routine scope procedure in late January.

The local businessman has generously donated $5,000 to the PECMH Foundation’s “Back the Build” campaign in recognition of the exceptional and warm care provided to him by the PECMH Endoscopy Team.

“Smitty’s website reads: Nobody – But Nobody – Beat’s Smitty’s Prices. We think it’s safe to say that nobody beats the great care provided to our patients by the wonderful staff at PECMH,”  Foundation communications coordinator Briar Boyce said.

“Smitty’s Appliances has been going strong servicing the Prince Edward County area for over 45 years,” added Smith. “We are proud to be able to give $5,000 to Back the Build and continue our tradition of being the little business with the big heart.”

The proposal for the new hospital focuses on the same services in a better space with the highest standards of infection control.

With state-of-the-art design and infrastructure, the new hospital will offer the same range of services but with better facilities and better equipment than what PECMH hosts currently.

For example, the newly redeveloped PECMH will have an excellent emergency services department equipped with the latest medical technology and staffed 24/7 with skilled and dedicated health care professionals who will be better equipped to diagnose, stabilize and treat incoming patients.

The proposed new hospital will have larger inpatient rooms each with a private washroom.

Also, inside the walls will be diagnostic imaging and cardio-diagnostic services, as well as a suite of clinics to provide endoscopy and dialysis treatment for patients from as far away as Belleville, Trenton and Bancroft.

This planned facility will carry on the tradition of care that began around the corner at the old Picton Hospital on Hill Street 100 years ago.

Best of all, it will still be in the same familiar location as the current Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital.

Currently, Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital is the low risk endoscopic centre for the region and replacement scopes are needed to keep this service efficient and of high quality. In 2017/18 over 3,000 endoscopic procedures for colon and gastric tests were performed.

“The people of Prince Edward County and our patients love this hospital and our caregivers. Patients often describe their visit to PECMH in terms of the people who cared for them. Rarely does a day go by that we don’t hear about the outstanding care provided by a member of our hospital team; a doctor, nurse, nurse practitioner, technologist, support staff or a helpful volunteer. Every day this great team provides extraordinary care to our community. Recognizing your caregiver or care team with a gift to the PECMH Foundation lets them know you appreciate and support the important role they play in your life and in the life of our community,” said PECMHF Executive Director Shannon Coull.