Inside The Library: Join us to explore Flashback February

The second annual Flashback February celebrating “Spirits of Our Past” promises to be a week of constant and varied entertainment.

Everything from a paranormal show at the Regent Theatre on Feb. 16 at 7:30 p.m. to a musical revue with musicians from Tyendinaga on Feb. 23 at Macaulay Church at 2 p.m. On Feb. 21 at 7 p.m. at the Wellington Legion take part in the county trivia night. You might want to check these books out of the library first though – I would recommend The County: the first hundred years in Loyalist Prince Edward by Janet and Richard Lunn or some of Alan Capon’s many books of local history and Steve Campbell’s The County Handbook. Visit the local history section in any of our branches to become the authority on local history that will take the first prize at trivia night, or just because our local history is interesting!

The library is sponsoring “Celebrating Spiritualism with Kinsip Spirits” on Feb. 22 at 5 p.m. at the Wellington library branch. Join us for a tasting courtesy of Kinsip and a talk by Dr. Stan McMullin. Many of you will know Stan as a former resident of Wellington, and a past chair of the Friends of the Wellington Library. He also served as a library board member. McMullin is returning to share his vast knowledge of the spiritualist movement and the Fox sisters of Consecon. McMullin’s book Anatomy of a Séance: a history of spirit communication in central Canada is a must read to get into the spirit of Flashback February. Remember, you can request books from home, online or by calling the library, or, even better, by visiting one of our branches.

On Tuesday, Feb. 19 starting at 3 p.m. at the Picton branch we are hosting a Flashback February program designed for children ages 8 years and up. Using quills, ink and parchment paper children will write a letter to some of Prince Edward County’s most important historical personages. Our archivist Krista will be joining Julie to lead the discussion describing leading figures from our county’s past and the children will pick a character and with quill and ink write a letter to that person from this century. I hope Julie and Krista remembered to lay in some blotting paper, this may not be easy! Letters and pens go home with the participants. Please preregister so that we can ensure enough supplies. You can do that at or by calling 399-2023.

Before you and your children leave the library you may want to pick up one of our newsletters to find out what other creative family programs are on the library calendar. March Break is right around the corner! You may also want to pick up some Canadian history books. The Big Book of Canada by Christopher Moore is illustrated by Bill Slavin (a favourite visitor to the library) and has an introduction by the county’s Janet Lunn. Maple syrup season is coming up and The Sugaring-Off Party by Jonathan London is illustrated by County resident Gilles Pelletier. You might also want to pick up A Children’s History of Prince Edward County by Suzanne Pasternak.

Introduce your children to a love of history and reading by visiting us during Flashback February. For a full listing of Flashback February events or to purchase tickets go to

– Barbara Sweet