Letter: Library system an example of money well spent

As a long time resident and a taxpayer I want to express my satisfaction with our Prince Edward County library system.

The library manager, Barbara Sweet, has assembled a team of professionals with whom dealing is a pleasure. They are knowledgeable and very friendly to deal with.

On winter days, when the elements outside are misbehaving, nothing beats the pleasure of hugging up with a good read. Yes, the purpose of a public library is to lend books and they do.

But there is more. Our great little library in Consecon, under the guidance of Gisa Iannaci, has become a sort of community affair. People come and borrow books but they linger around and talk. Perhaps sharing their literary tastes and experiences, talking about the latest events, county politics, et cetera.

I dare to say that our library has become an intellectual hub of the neighborhood. At times I wonder how wisely is my tax dollar spent, but in the case of our library system, it is spent well indeed.

Les Baraz