Thanks to everyone

Thanks to everyone who visited, sent Birthday cards, Christmas cards, wrote letters or phoned Doris during her stays at Quinte Gardens and at West Lake Terrace LTC. Special thanks to Kate, Penny and Judy for the frequent visits and calls; to Rena for regular visits, calls and drives to and from appointments to all the staff and management at West Lake Terrace for your kind and loving ministrations and professional care, you are all amazing; to the two women who provided hair and foot care helping Doris to look and, more importantly, to feel beautiful; to Drs. Blanchard and Laura Arul for your kind and patient care; to Rev. Fran for her regular visits; to Bob and his staff of Hicks Funeral Home for carrying out Doris’ final requests with sensitivity, kindness and expertise; to the County Library staff and volunteers for their book deliveries and visits; to Alexandra, Sheila, Lori and Annabell at Gilbert and Lighthall for often asking after Doris and sending greeting; to my Wellington group who always asked after Doris and sent greetings; to my friend Linda who has been my mainstay throughout. Blessings to you all. Doris will be remembered always with kindness, gratitude for the life lessons she taught and with humour. Sue Squires