Letter: It’s time for backbenchers to speak up

I am writing you in response to the current events surrounding the SNC-Lavalin scandal and more specifically the testimony given by Jody Wilson-Raybould on the events surrounding this issue that ultimately lead to her resignation from the Liberal cabinet.

As you can imagine Canadians today are questioning if we truly live in a democracy where the laws set out to distinguish right from wrong for all truly exist or are they written ad hoc to protect only those that can afford to pay.

While we have seen scandals in the past in our politics that show how corruption and greed can infiltrate our government I believe, perhaps naively, that we always thought there were checks and balances in place and elected (and non elected) people of integrity to protect all our interests. The testimony by . Wilson-Raybould shows quite a different picture.

This is not a situation that will or should go away quietly as Canadians get on with their busy lives like so many situations before it. This is a situation that questions our laws, our justice system, our political system and whether we as a country are a democracy or something less.

Regardless of political affiliation it is time to show integrity and to speak up. MP Neil Ellis and his colleagues were sent to Ottawa by the people to not only represent their riding but also to represent our country. It is time for the backbenchers of all parties to speak up.

I hope Ellis will do the right thing and act now. He can do what is right or stay quiet and be part of the political party that will go into the history books as the greatest scandal this country has seen.

The other choice is to tote the party line like Ellis and most of his colleagues have done so far in the three-plus years they have been in Ottawa and face the voters in October. At that point I believe they will do the right thing for all of them.

Tim Good

Prince Edward County