Letter: Cash not the only asset worth considering

I sat for several hours Tuesday evening listening to a number of compelling presentations focused on why the Picton Town Hall should be preserved as an asset of the community and it made me think of the importance of community assets.

For example, the Picton Fairground are a community asset, but let’s face it, they are put to use on a very limited basis. Has the County considered selling the property to an interested developer? It would surely swell the County coffers on a temporary basis and, better still, wold provide property taxes forever.

While we’re on the subject, what about the park property between Ross Street and Benson Hall? At ritzy row of townhouses could be squeezed in there. It might limit the open space within the town, but think of the cash influx upon its sale and the ongoing property taxes.

While we’re on the subject, there’s an acreage in Picton just ripe for development. It’s a meadowland known as Delhi Park. It’s great for a stroll and the odd toboggan ride and Canada Day fireworks, but should it really take precedence over cash and taxes? It’s a cash cow staring us in the face and half of it is devoted to a playpen for dogs!

County council has been handed a well-documented blue print for the preservation of a County asset, the result of hundreds of hours by dozens of volunteers — amateur and professional — and it didn’t cost us a dime. These folk deserve our thanks and their plan deserves our support.

Paul Adams