Survey aims to shed more light on Prince Edward County housing crisis

LOOKING FOR ANSWERS- Queen's Business Consulting students (From left) Tyson Kash, Rachel Klysen, Ushpreet Mehta, Song Yi and Phoebe Ho join Barry Davidson of the Prince Edward County Attainable Housing Network in Wellington earlier this year. (Submitted Photo)



A group of Queen’s University business students are hoping to dive deeper into the affordable housing situation in Prince Edward County.

In conjunction with the Prince Edward County Attainable Housing Network (PECAHN), consultants within the Queen’s Business Consulting (QBC) group are collecting data via a new survey to assess the demand for affordable housing in the County.

The QBC Online survey. (Jason Parks/Gazette Staff)

Specifically, the QBC team aims to inform and aid PECAHN in the redevelopment process of the former Wellington District Community Centre and seeks to present tangible insights to PECAHN relating to the demographic breakdown of two main groups of people: local residents who can afford market rent housing but are unable to find anything available, and local residents who require affordable housing.

Residents of Prince Edward County are well-aware of the current problems that affect housing in the County. In particular, a number of factors have placed a strain on the local housing market such that there is an evident lack of both affordable and available housing,” QBC representative Phoebe Ho said. “These factors include an overall increase in median house prices beyond the price ranges of local employees, the narrow tailoring of new housing to seasonal tourist populations, and the aging local population within the County.”

Additionally, to better understand the depth of the housing crisis in PEC, the survey also aims to understand how the lack of housing infrastructure has hindered hiring practices within the local economy.

Ho explained that QBC is a consulting firm that operates out of the Queen’s University School of Business and professors source clients within the Kingston and Quinte area who need data mining, consulting, etc and gives students the opportunity to gain real world experiences, foster business relationships and develop skills in market research, report generations and feasibility studies.

Ho agreed the group had a good overview on the the unique parameters of the local housing market (seasonal tailoring, aging population, employment base) but want to dig deeper and confirm what the demand is for affordable housing in Prince Edward County.

Relevant data collected will include resident ages, family sizes and composition, household income, and special needs relating to housing.

Ultimately, its hoped by the conjoining groups the independent research data gathered will help support PECAHN’s application for funding to build an affordable housing complex in Wellington, as well as shape the decision regarding the appropriate housing development mix.

Ho is asking anyone trying to source housing that has yet to fill out the online survey to complete it and that goes for housing seekers as well as local employers and business leaders who have had issues attracting candidates due to a lack of accommodations.

We are looking for input from those seeking affordable housing but also employers that are having issues hiring people due to lack of housing as well as people who have been offered employment in Prince Edward County but had to turn jobs down because of the lack of available housing,” Ho told the Gazette. “If you need housing in the County and have not yet filled out the survey, please complete it below and help PECAHN build much-needed local housing. If you know of anyone who needs housing but has not yet seen this survey, please share it with them and encourage them to complete it. Finally, if you are an employer who cannot hire employees because there is no housing available, please make your voices heard through our survey as well.”

She added this process would not be possible without the residents of the Prince Edward County community who have already taken the time to fill out the survey, and QBC appreciate and thank those who have already shared their insight.

To fill out the survey, please visit on any device.

If you have any questions regarding the survey, please feel free to reach out to the QBC team at