Info For Seniors: Celebrate National Volunteer Week

Volunteer Canada has designated April 1-13, 2019 as National Volunteer Weeks. The theme for 2019 is “The Volunteer Factor – Lifting Communities.”

Volunteer Canada says “As we recognize the collective efforts of volunteers, we reflect on the multitude of actions taken locally to help people, communities and neighbourhoods become better prepared to respond to the unexpected, and better positioned for a more sustainable future.

We see it every day! Volunteers leading neighbourhood activities, lifting the collective confidence to solve common issues. Volunteers tutoring people to read, lifting their self-esteem and increasing their success in school. Volunteers visiting people, lifting their spirits and keeping them connected. Volunteers coaching sports teams, lifting community pride and creating life-long bonds.

You never know what can give others a lift during a difficult day. Someone spontaneously pays for your coffee or lets you go ahead of them in line at the grocery store. Maybe a neighbour shoveled your walk after a storm when you were healing from surgery. Maybe you asked someone to join a board of directors of the neighbourhood association and they said yes! What is behind this… it’s the volunteer factor!

Volunteering can also give volunteers a lift. When people volunteer, their spirits are lifted when they have the opportunity to work with others. Our sense of purpose is lifted when we see how our efforts have helped someone else. Our confidence lifts when we gain skills and experience through volunteering, helping us get into a competitive school program or successfully find a job. What lifts your chances to achieve your goals…It’s the volunteer factor!”

If you want to get started with volunteering contact Community Care and start the conversation. If we don’t have a suitable placement for you that matches your time, skills and interest then we’ll give you some ideas of other organizations to approach. Contact us today at 613-476-7493 or

There’s a half-price sale on clothing for the whole family at Community Care’s Thrift Shop, 153 Main Street, Picton. Stop in and ask the volunteers about volunteering. They’ll be happy to tell you how to get started. For information on all the upcoming County Seniors Centre activities stop in at 74A King Street or check the web site at

– Debbie MacDonald Moynes