Letter: In what ways would you dispose of $100 million?

What 10 things can you think of to do to help life on Earth , if you had $100 million or more, to dispose of?

1) Create a subsidy for electric car buyers, so that they can afford the car, that they know is better for the environment.

2) Give it to the many families with autistic children ,struggling to pay for their childrens health needs.

3) Start an educational fund to help students pay for their education, to better their lives, and Canada’s future.

4) Hire conservation and environmental protection workers, to educate people, on the need to make changes in the way they work with nature. and to stop those who threaten wild places and life.

5) Create 758 green energy projects to allow home owners to have their own solar panels on their homes and businesses.

6) Build a wind farm that would provide green energy to 30,000 homes.

7) Build wildlife protection areas , in places such as the Toronto zoo, where an incubation area could be created so that eggs from threatened species, such as Blandings turtles, could be hatched, kept safe for two years before releasing them back into nature, increasing their numbers.

8) Pay farmers a lease for their land to plant wild grasses and wild flowers, to encourage and increase the numbers of many threatened species, such as monarch butterflies, whip-poor- wills, bobolinks, to name a few. and also to purchase trees to replace the many taken down each year .

9) Come up with a program to retrieve the endless tons of plastic destroying life in the oceans, and have that plastic recycled

10) Help Aboriginal families to live in affordable homes, provide them with money for education , shelter, food , and clothing. and to help in the on going search for the missing or murdered loved ones, and for justice.

Now , if your name was Todd Smith or Doug Ford what would you do with over one hundred million dollars?

The first priority, above all suggested 10 possibilities of how best to spend that money would be to order the destruction of a nine-turbine wind farm , so that it could not produce green energy to help with the climate change issue, to stop it from providing clean energy to 30,000 homes. That would also take jobs from one hundred workers, and take away a 20-year income from the local farm families, and cause companies to stay away from Canada when looking for a place to start a business.

Surely, the average home owner could smile when they saw that they each get to pay a nice chunk of their hard earned money, each month for years to come, to help Smith and Ford with their well-thought-out choice on how to dispose of more than $100 million.

Jen Ackerman