Sun rises on Sonrise barn quilt

QUILTED TOGETHER - Jessica Carney-Hoornweg's Grade 4/5 class at Sonrise Christian Academy completed their barn quilt project on Thursday with the help of the Prince Edward County Barn Quilt Society. (Desirée Decoste for the Gazette)



Sonrise Christian Academy is the latest stop on the Prince Edward County Barn Quilt trail thanks to a new piece of collaborative art created by Jessica Carney-Hoornweg’s Grade 4/5 class.

Barn Quilt Trail organizers and students gathered at the local Christian elementary school on Thursday morning for an official unveiling.

Pat Dubyk, coordinator of PEC Barn Quilt Society and Trish Hornsby, a fellow barn quilter assisted the class in the creation of the Sonrise quilt and were thrilled with the outcome.

We started meeting in early December. The winter was brutal with snowy days at the school, so it was a slower longer project than usual,” said Dubyk. “Now seeing the completed project, I am amazed and very proud.”

Dubyk visited the class on a weekly basis and gave her time and skills to help each and every one of the students produce their best work, walking them through the process step-by-step and always with an encouraging word and patience.

The class thanked Dubyk for her encouragement and expertise and students told her the Sonrise barn quilt would not have been possible without her efforts.

I love working with the students,” Dubyk said. “I am a children’s librarian, I was at Pinecrest and CML Snider schools when we started the project in 2013. Grade 3, 4/5, 6, 8 and secondary school students were involved in the initial project. It was an amazing experience to teach them and work with them to create such amazing art. I was thrilled when (Carney-Hoornweg) asked me to help with her students. It was very challenging, so different than painting with adults.”

Sonrise Christian Academy students watch a slide show documenting their work on the Grade 4/5 class barn quilt project. (Desirée Decoste for the Gazette)

A total of 16 individual pieces of art make up the entire panel with many crosses exemplifying Sonrise’s strong Christ-centred, friendly and loving community.

Brown serves as a symbol of earth and the foundation from which all things grow while Christ is the life giver and students grow in him.

We were made from the ground when god first created man and this also means that we believe we are stewards of his creation. Blue represents how we are protected by God and we strive to work at peace with one another in our world. Green embodies the image of growing academically and in relationship with the lord. Teachers help us to grow in all these areas. White symbolizes the values we put into taking care of our bodies and being active through out the day. Furthermore, it reminds us that we are clean in the eyes of God, white as snow, we love God because he first loved us, we learn to love everyone in our community. All these colours and symbols reflects Gods character, his beautiful creation and our hearts desire to be like him,” the students said during the presentation.

I thought it was fun and a very exciting time,” said student Emily Raby. “Part of my barn quilt is when Jesus died on the cross. This part is for a story in the bible when God was passing by and Moses had to hide under a rock because it was so bright and this part is when Noah landed on the rock after the big flood and the rainbow appeared.”

During the summer months the school chose which arts unit to utilize biblical story telling and have been integrating those decisions throughout the school year.

It was the first time for everything and I loved it,” added student Meghan Kuipers, “My favourite part was meeting the professionals and getting a map of the barn quilt trails.”

Hornsby had been another faithful helper who came to assist students with taping, painting and touchups on their barn quilt and the students thanked her and a number of volunteers as well as Flawless Framers who assisted in the creation and installation of the barn quilt.

Dubyk compared this barn quilt installation with others and mentioned it was unique given the bright and inquisitive young minds involved.

Working with adults, Prince Edward County Barn Quilt Trails have a very small and dedicated group of volunteers to paint. We have a great time talking about life etc. It is more of a friendship,” declared Dubyk. “With the children, you have to be there for them first to teach, remind, assist and encourage. It’s an experience they have never had before. We’re teaching young minds and that is always rewarding when you know you’ve made a positive impact on them.”