Rotary Club of Picton to host annual Waterfalls tour

CHASING WATERFALLS- Zoey Dawson and mom Anna Dawson's at Jackson's Falls during the 2018 Rotary Club of Picton Waterfalls Tour. (Jason Parks/Gazette Staff)


Easter weekend is upon us and once again the Rotary Club of Picton is hosting their spectacular annual Waterfalls tour.

The event is taking place on Apr. 20 and 21 from 11 a.m. To 4 p.m. And the two beautiful rushing water falls in southeastern Prince Edward County are being made available to the public only on these two days

“Access to the falls are made possible with the generosity of the land owners,” said Jim Hughes, Rotary Club of Picton member and tour organizer. “Over the past number of years the owners have been very receptive and generous in joining with the Rotary Club of Picton, who really do the volunteer work and organize and make sure that the land is respected by those visiting to see the falls.”

Cape Vesey, 3718 County rd. 8 (East of Waupoos) is site one while Jacksons Falls, 1749 County Rd 17 (East of Milford) is site two.

Those visiting the falls this weekend are encouraged to wear rubber boots and rain jackets as close access to the tumbling water is available.

“If the forecast holds through, we should have a very good turn out,” Hughes told the Gazette. “The atmosphere at the falls is very upbeat and very jubilant. Both falls have a southerly exposure, so if the sun is shining there’s a little warmth, and everybody is happy to get out and connect with nature.”

Once the club tallies all donations gathered from the two day tour, the Waterfall committee will conduct a process to figure out which internal water project they wish to support.

“In the past we’ve looked at international projects from other countries such as Mexico, Africa, Haiti and India,” Hughes said. “We like to spend the money in countries and areas that don’t have the facilities we have in Canada. It’s necessary that we work with Rotary clubs in those areas as we can trace the money and make sure it’s being spent properly.”

People from all over come to see the beautiful flowing falls, including a Toronto Fun Tours bus coming from the Toronto area.

The day tour consists of a hike, wine and dine and officially sold out ten days ago.

The Rotary club keeps a yearly log of everyone that visits the falls in order to track how far people travel to enjoy the amazing views and visitors from as far away as Japan, Australia and Germany have registered in years past.

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