McCAW, Roger

In memory of my husband Roger McCaw April 22, 1951 – April 22, 2015
Roger no matter how far or where you may be,
I just close my eyes And you are in my dreams.
From the moment I wake till the time I go to bed,
Thoughts of our times together often enter my head.
Just a simple thing can trigger a memory of a time or place when it was just you and me.
The way you use to laugh, the way you use to smile, the music you use to listen to.
Each memory is a keepsake, a bit of you that is left behind
And deep in my heart lies a picture more precious than silver or gold
It is a picture of my husband whose memory will never grow old.
I will “ALWAYS REMEMBER WHEN” Love Diane xo
In memory of Dad, Roger McCaw
To be heard without saying a word
To be hugged when I’m feeling blue
To be understood when I’m confused
So rare was a Dad like you.
Your loving smile and gentle laugh
Made all the difference in my day,
Your endless wisdom and timeless advice
Always helped me find my way.
And because of all the love you gave me I’ll never be alone,
I’ll always think of you smiling
No matter how tuff life seems.
You’re still special beyond compare,
Your heart so kind and true,
I wish that everyone on earth
Could have such a Dad like you.
Love always, Melissa, Scott xo
In loving memory of my Dad, Roger McCaw
Dad, today like many other days
Brings special thoughts of you
Of happy times we shared
And caring things you used to do.
And once more it’s a reminder
That life’s road is sometimes rough
Because the time we shared
Just wasn’t long enough.
Dad you were someone special
Who was thought so highly of
You will always be remembered
With affection warmth and love.
Love is everlasting
And so are my memories.
Love Chris, Darlene xo
In memory of our Papa, Roger McCaw
Papa is there a party up in Heaven
To celebrate today.
Did angels frost a cake for you
And are there games to play.
We’re celebrating you down here
As they must be above.
We used to have so much fun
As we gathered around you here,
We would sing and laugh and celebrate
Your day with endless cheer.
We miss those special moments
That we shared throughout the years,
We are trying hard to smile for you
But ohh… that empty chair.
We turn to look and find ourselves
Still shocked that you are not here,
We are always thinking of you
As we travel through each day.
Love and miss you, grandchildren Shelby, Cody, Kelsey, Briana, Matthew, Brooke, Courtney xo