Reader wonders if MPP knows value of interlibrary loan system

The Honourable Todd Smith
MPP for the Bay of Quinte
Mr. Smith,
As the representative at Queen’s Park for a largely rural/small town riding like the Bay of Quinte, you must surely be aware of the value of South Ontario Library Service.
I received a phone call from my local Picton branch of the Prince Edward County Library today requesting the return of my interlibrary loan before Thursday.
The SOLS funding has been cut by your government as of that day.
What is the matter with you? Do you have no idea of the value of this service?
As one of your constituents, I expect you to have more respect for the populace,  including those who read.
Or is this cut just part of Doug Ford’s plan to kill library services everywhere?
Government for the people – hah.
Might get better funding if the library served booze.
-Mary Anne Kalt