McCONNELL, Mervin Douglas

McCONNELL, In loving memory of our brother and parents. Mervin Douglas, August 5, 1955-April 18, 1993; Barbara Eleanor, December 22, 1930-May 6, 2015; Wilmot Lloyd (Bud), June 26, 1925-July 7, 1993.
If there were a stairway to Heaven we would climb it everyday,
Just to have a little visit to help take the heartache away
But, we know there is no stairway, so our prayers will have to do
We sure hope you can hear the messages that we send everyday to you
We love you all dearly and miss you more than words can express
“UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN” our prayers are our stairway to Heaven that bind us to each of you.
Love you always and forever, Yvonne, Sandra, Gordon, Kevin, Deborah, Cathy and families.