Former teacher recalls early days of education at Pinecrest, Queen Elizabeth

I was delighted to hear of plans for the Queen Elizabeth (QE) School and Pinecrest School Reunion to be held on June 8, 2019, and congratulate Kathy Reed and her Committee for this very special initiative.

I have many fond memories of my 33 years as an educator with the Prince Edward County Board of Education where I began as a kindergarten teacher at QE under the leadership of Principal Carl Reid in 1965.

It was an exciting time in education when open concept classrooms were introduced to students at QE and it was a fascinating learning curve for teachers and children at the time.

I have wonderful memories of teaching at Pinecrest under the direction and mentorship of Dan Rainey who encouraged all young teachers to become highly professional and competent educators.

I will never forget the day the airplane arrived at Pinecrest to become a remarkable addition to the playground and the children’s hands-on learning experiences.

We were an energized team of educators at Pinecrest and many of us have followed each other’s careers with interest and remain good friends to this day.

I returned to QE as Principal towards the end of my tenure and one of my fondest memories of being Principal was yard duty where I could enjoy getting to know each child at play and to appreciate the expertise and commitment teachers made to their students.

The delightful musical productions led by Moira Nikander-Forrester with the willing support of teaching staff and parents will always remain a special part of our years together.

Ron Everall, Sue Mackay, Cheryl Benson and other staff members who are no longer with us have left their remarkable imprints for all time on the legacy of QE and in our hearts.

I left QE in 1996 and I’m truly grateful for the opportunities and mastery of skills that both QE and Pinecrest School allowed us, as educators, to attain over the years.

Our ‘teacher days’ were focused on helping students to attain their individual potential and meet their goals.

When we meet former students and colleagues, in passing today, there are always big smiles and hugs, and many wonderful heartfelt memories to share.


Dr. Helen (Nelson) Snider