Seniors, youth amongst those negatively impacted by Library cuts

Premier Doug Ford slashes the Ontario Library Services budget by 50 percent resulting in the elimination of the inter-library loan service, a service that helps small, rural libraries meet the needs of its patrons.

Since his election, Premier Ford is always gunning for the “elites.” When I look around Picton library, I see no “elites.” I see seniors and lower-income folks learning computer skills, disadvantaged teens jamming with local musicians in after-school programmes, kids from disruptive households able to study quietly so they do well at school, little ones enjoying story time to encourage them to read and older adults taking fitness classes designed to prevent falls and prolong mobility.

The fact that Premier Ford believes being able to buy a beer at 9 a.m. is more important than having access to a well-funded library system speak volumes.

Julia Aitken