Letter: Reader reminds public of crosswalk protocol in Picton

There are three pedestrian activated, non-intersection crosswalks in Picton.

You press the button on the pole, the traffic is supposed to come to a stop. On many occasions I have witnessed pedestrians not pressing the stop button, not looking to see if traffic has stopped and amble across the street.

I’ve also witnessed motorists driving through the crossing when pedestrians are in it and not waiting until they way is clear of walkers.

Here is a reminder.

Pedestrians: Press the stop button, point at the crosswalk, make sure traffic has stopped in both directions and walk as briskly as you can across the street.

Motorists: Stop when the light is blinking, do not proceed through the crossing until the pedestrian(s) are out of the crosswalk as the current law states.

Aidan Haley