Stories from our past-June 6, 2019

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…



  • A young lad aged 14, who has worked for a man by the name of Hawkins for the past two years, at Sidney, having heard so much about the handsome girls of Prince Edward County, took a horse from his employer one day last week and came in pursuit of the fair damsels. His employer, finding the boy and horse gone, set out in pursuit and found him at Roblin Mills. No doubt he saw many fine lookers at the Mills, but he should have come on to Picton in order to have seen the real cream of the beauty world.
  • The Glenora – Adolphustown Ferry Committee, accompanied by a number of their friends, took their annual trip down the bay, partly to inspect the ferrt, and mostly for the purpose of having a pleasant days outing. The party was in charge of vice-com. W.J. Carter, who carefully looked after every little detail.
  • Friday afternoon on June 11th was the Picton Public School Field Day. The weather was perfect, the attendance of school children complete, the track excellent and the events keenly contested and most enjoyable. The school board is to be congratulated for furnishing this half day session in the open air.


  • Picton intermediate baseball team gave fans notice that they are going places this season, when they scored an impressive 16 to 9 victory over Napanee Gibbards at Napanee, in the opening game of the Bay of Quinte League Tuesday evening.
  • Resignation of two teachers on the staff of Picton Collegiate and Vocational Institute have been accepted by the Board and successors are being sought. Those resigning were Miss Dorothy Leavens and Miss Ruth Ellis, both of whom are to be married.
  • The meeting of the Young People’s Union of Wellington United Church on Monday evening, May 29th took the form of a patriotic program in honour of the visit of our King and Queen to Canada. The platform of the S.S. Room was beautifully decorated with pictures of their majesties arranged on the screens, large Union Jacks and bunting.


  • John Coenraads, son of Mr. And Mrs. H. Coenraads, R. 4, Picton, received his Bachelor of Education degree from McArthur College, Queen’s University, Thursday May 23rd. He received his Bachelor of Science (Physics) degree the previous year.
  • 6,125 boxes of white and coloured cheese were purchased at a meeting of the Belleville Cheese Exchange. White cheese sold at an average of .44 cents a pound; coloured at .44.3 cents. Sakes also included 5,285 squares at an average of .44.1 cents a pound for white cheese and .44.3 cents for coloured. All cheese is sold f.o.b. Warehouse.
  • Lake Ontario Cement Ltd. has sent a letter to Councillor Bessie Ward announcing the donation of six planters to the Recreation, Parks and Community Centre Board. These planters will be placed on the West Main Street Boulevard. Flowers and small trees will be planted in them by the Horticultural Society, Mrs. Ward told Town Council.


  • Mrs. Koehler RR9 Picton, suffers from an allergy to food additives, preservatives and tenderizers. She said her meat needs are met almost exclusively by raising rabbits in her backyard hutches. She feeds 30 rabbits in her hutches, 500 pounds of grain and 30 bales of hay annually. She depends upon several garter snakes and a cat to keep these supplies free of rodents.
  • A two-year-old scheme to consolidate Prince Edward County and Provincial Court offices in Shire Hall could be under way this year, says Ben Prizen, County Warden. Final plans for an addition to the second storey of the hall to provide upstairs judges’ chambers are being prepared by Wardell and Associates, of Belleville.
  • Seventh Town Historical Society (Ameliasburg) is preparing to research and compile the history of the rural communities in the township in a youth program this summer. Under a Young Canada Works grant, three students are being hired to visit farm homes on the concession roads for nine weeks starting June 4th.