Rain, Millenium Trail and the need for Pride: Phil-ing in returns

In homage and remembrance of the last Prince Edward County raised editor of the Picton Gazette the late Phil Dodds, this corner will endeavour on an irregular basis to recreate a ‘Phil-ling In’ editorial where views on a myriad of topics are offered.
Finally, a break in the weather. Has there ever been such joy in Prince Edward County over a four day stretch of hot and dry conditions in early June at least where the local farmers are concerned? A weekend window just wide enough allowed may beleaguered producers to have one last crack at planting corn before timelines become too condensed for that particular crop.
By the way, you know water tables are high when there’s standing water in fields along Danforth Rd. in Hillier of all places.
Of course the rains returned Monday and a wet forecast this weekend doesn’t look incredibly encouraging. The total acreage that goes unplanted in Prince Edward County this spring will be in the thousands so please remember that when your friendly neighbourhood farmers are pulling all-nighters just make the 2019 growing season somewhat profitable.
There’s no denial upgrades to the Millenium Trail have been pleasing to many users but social media banter indicates the 46 km route is so smooth that passenger cars and other motor vehicles are now among the many who are enjoying the fruits of Trail Rehabilitation Committee’s labour.
While for one or two there might be an erroneous GPS at work there are likely more than a few motorists who have decided the trail is wide enough and smooth enough for a leisurely drive through the country.
The municipality and the local constabulary would be well served to nip this issue in the bud before there’s a serious injury.
For the record, according to the municipality’s website walkers, hikers, joggers, cyclists, ATV riders, dirt bikers (licensed & insured), horses and riders, mobility devices, snowmobiles, skiers, snowshoers, pets are all welcome on the Millenium Trail.
That should also include farm vehicles where applicable and appropriate.
And while we’re at it, a note to implore all the users of various stripes to continue get along and be respectful of one another.
If your cycling or walking and an ATV comes up behind you, please move to the side when it’s safe to do so.
And those on motorized conveyances, please obey speed limits , don’t rip past pedestrians and avoid excessive noise in built up areas.
And dog walkers? Please remember a baggie so you can take Fido’s business elsewhere.
With Pride celebrations in swing this month, the inane chatter about a ‘Straight Pride’ festival seem to be making its hideous rounds.
When will a ‘Straight Pride’ festival be acceptable?
Maybe when scenes like what happened on a London, UK bus this weekend where a lesbian couple were beaten and bloodied by a group of teenage boys for not kissing for the male party’s enjoyment become common place for hetero couples.
The disgusting and misogynistic attack is proof positive why there are Pride celebrations in the first place-to shine a light and not only celebrate the advancement of the LGBTQ2 community but also to expose and end homophobia in all its forms.


-Jason Parks