Reader calls on MPP to react to climate emergency

The Honourable Todd Smith, Bay of Quinte MPP
Mr. Smith,
Last week the County declared a climate emergency like many other cities and Counties throughout  Ontario.
What do you suppose would be a good start to proving that we, the residents of the County, actually care about climate change and the fate of the planet?  Will you and Premier Doug Ford simply brush it off and turn a blind eye to the fact that we are strongly pushing to have changes made? We are telling you loud and clear we do not want to see any more slashes and devastating decisions that favour only rich developers and not the  environment.
Do you have a solid plan to do some good for the planet and our future or are you going to continue with the wrecking ball theme you have so clearly been using ?
Some suggestions  for you  to act on in order to work with the County residents that strongly spoke up for the  Climate Emergency Declaration include letting the White Pines Wind Farm start creating clean green energy since they are standing idle.
Let the tourists know that  w are not as stupid as they think.  Many dozens of tourists have come into my shop  in total disbelief that a government could do such a wasteful backwards move as to cancel  this project. When I tell them the whole story  they get quite angry at you and Premier Ford for doing more harm to our already suffering planet.    These  visible symbols of hope standing so gracefully for all to see need to be working as part of our action to try to reverse the effects of climate change That is why the County has declared an emergency-because there is one and it’s getting more obvious each and every day.
While our beneficial wind project is  being  completed (which will only take a few weeks ) and the turbines are getting ready to spin, we need to focus on plastic use and pushing people to stop the careless and unnecessary use of one time use plastics.Grocery stores need to do away with plastic bags, plastic packaging and plastic products such as straws so consumers get in the habit of using re-usable bags and containers.
Another idea is to  put the rebate back in place for electric car buyers so that more people will stop using gas guzzling vehicles and go clean.
Another thought is to start replacing each tree taken down by the County along roadsides with two new ones.  Better yet, stop killing all the trees when they are mainly sugar maples with no health issues.  Get  someone from ‘Trees for Life’ to asses the health /safety of these trees.
As well as that. the clearing of hedge rows must be stopped. Farmers always left them for a reason, now  money and greed once again rule and killing the habitat and occupants  of the hedgerows has become another reckless and near sighted decision.
Another suggestion is to stop clear cutting for housing developments to be built on non agricultural and non forested/water habitat areas.
Stop putting money ahead of the health and well being of all who are  living here. The suggestions are many but it takes action to put the ideas into motion.
So Mr. Smith and all other politicians, what is your  plan to help with this emergency?


-Jen Ackerman