Annual Global Wind Day utilized to bring attention to idle White Pines project

BLOWING IN THE WIND- Wind Energy proponent Jen Ackerman was giving tours of yet-to-be-assembled wind turbines in the Milford area on Saturday as part of Wind Energy Day. (Desirée Decoste/Gazette Staff)





The wind blew the public to Milford this weekend as proponents of the White Pines wind turbine installation offered a chance to convey their message the cancelled green energy project could still generate energy for Ontario’s power grid.

Global Wind Day was celebrated Saturday at Jen Ackerman’s bakery/variety store, Live Laugh Eat in Milford with turbine ‘tours’ down the street.


A worldwide event that occurs annually on June 15, Global Wind Energy is organized by WindEurope and Global Wind Energy Council.

It’s a day to celebrate wind energy and exchange information about wind energy, its power and the possibilities it holds to change the world.

Upwards of 20 people took time to check out one of the non-functioning turbines in the Milford area.

I have turbine nine on my property but it’s just that much further to have to go,” Ackerman told the Gazette. “ Here (Kevin Wanamaker’s turbine) is better for showing people because you have the stages, you have the finished one but you also have the partially finished one and all the blades are laying down, when people actually see them and put their hands on them it’s a whole different experience.”

Ackerman told the Gazette has spent thousands of dollars committed hundreds of hours and a lot of energy on drawing attention to the devastating implications that will result in the dismantling of this near finished wind farm.

A small but loud group  were able to convince Bay of Quinte MPP Todd Smith to cancel this project through his new boss, Premier Doug Ford,” Ackerman declared. “We the quiet majority regret now the mistake we made by being too quiet. We are not quiet now and have not been for almost a year.”

Ackerman said the plan now is to approach County Council in a specially requested meeting where she plans on cramming a hundred or more participants into Shire Hall.

This County has become a place the locals don’t even recognize anymore with our shore lines being taken over with cottage resorts and million dollar homes,” Ackerman expressed. “The wetlands and treed areas are being clear cut  to accommodate the rich new comers homes/swimming pools/tennis courts showing no respect for the environment, the wild life that live there or the life style of the locals.”

Ackerman gathered signatures for a petition and has over 19, 000 on one and 350 on a separate, only locals petition, all supporting White Pines Wind Farm.

I will continue to try to educate people on the power of wind and it’s benefits,” Ackerman stated. “The County is an embarrassment to Ontario and Canada and I’m ashamed to be a part of this place. When I move East I will be looking for a wind farm to live by, so I can be around people who care.”

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