Community Garden theft shakes reader’s confidence in PEC

I was shocked and saddened today when I visited my assigned plot in the Picton Community Garden.

About two weeks ago I had planted six very healthy raspberry canes in plot #17 to which I had been assigned.

Today I returned to find two of those plants had been ripped out of the garden bed and stolen. To me this seems a breach of trust in the community I have chosen to call “home” and a total contradiction to my impressions of this small, friendly, closely knit community in which I had chosen to live.

I am not a wealthy person and I have chosen to rent a plot in the community garden in order to supplement what I am unable to grow on my own property.

I only hope that the thief of my plants really needed them so much more than I did! But it has really shaken my confidence in the people of this community.

Sincerely, a devoted gardener.

Jill Kimmel