Reader wonders if Ford government is “for the people”

To: Bay of Quinte MPP Todd Smith

I seem to recall that during the election campaign last year Mr. Ford saying over and over that “not one single person will lose his/her job because of cuts being made due to efficiencies”.

For the past few years I have had my car thoroughly cleaned inside and outside at the Pathways Car Wash on Dundas Street West in Belleville.

The staff there, which included 15 clients, many with Down’s Syndrome. They did an excellent job at a reasonable price. When I made my appointment recently, I discovered that the cost had doubled.

This is due to the fact that your government had withdrawn 100 per cent of the funding they received.

The supervisor told me that in order to pay the rent and other overhead costs, this increase was necessary. She also said that it was necessary to let 13 of the workers go.

These people, along with others with different abilities are among our most vulnerable citizens. They were employed at a job they could do and do well. Now they are unemployed and will no doubt find it difficult, if not almost impossible to find other employment.

Your government keeps telling us they are ‘”for the people”.

Obviously, you are not for these people.

At Premier Doug Ford’s event this past weekend in Markham, he stated that he didn’t care about those who were opposed to his views, he only cared about those present.

A sad state of affairs when the Premier of Ontario publicly states that he has no regard for anyone whose opinions differ from his.

Harvey Tremeer