Wellington Legion pumps up equipment fund again

INFUSED- Pictured here at Branch 160 on June 27 from left are PECMHF Board Directors Dr. Michael Shannon, John Walker, Pat Evans, Shannon Coull, executive director of the PECMHF, Ken MacMillan, Poppy Fund Chairperson, Sherry Tait, Donald Wakefield, Dr. Cliff Rice and Leo Finnegan. (Briar Boyce photo)

Members of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 160 Poppy Fund Committee in Wellington presented members of the Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Foundation with $1,000 on Thursday.

The funds were raised through the 2018 poppy fund campaign. This year’s poppy fund raised approx. $15, 000 from numerous poppy boxes located  around Wellington, Bloomfield and Hillier.

“Our mission is to advance health care to our patients and it’s only through the support of our community that we can help ensure veterans receive the care they need and are treated with the respect they deserve,” said Shannon Coull, executive director of the PECMH Foundation, “Over the years, our four local Legion branches Picton, Wellington, Consecon and Deseronto have contributed to excellent care at PECMH. We are pleased to know their contributions and those of Provincial Command are not only helping ensure the best care for veterans but for every one in Prince Edward County.”

Every November as people respectfully wear poppies in tribute to those who have fought and died for their country, many people don’t fully realize the direct impact these four-petaled flowers have on the community.

The leading purpose of the Poppy Fund is to provide assistance to retired servicemen and women in need but a large portion of the funds raised in PEC help support charitable organizations in the community that provide service and care to veterans.

Thanks to a strong partnership with many levels of governance, the PECMH foundation has on numerous occasions been beneficiary of this funding.

The PECMH is in need of 32 infusion pumps and were honoured when members of Branch 160’s poppy fund came forward with their  second donation to help offset the cost of one infusion pump.

“We are especially grateful to Wellington’s Poppy Fund Committee for helping us purchase an infusion pump for our patients,” Coull stated. “It’s vital for our community to continue to ensure our County Hospital is equipped with the latest technology to keep it relevant.”

An infusion pump is a medical device that delivers fluids such as nutrients and medications into a patient’s body in controlled amounts. Infusion pumps are widespread in clinical settings such as hospitals, nursing homes and in the home.

Coull also added that they hope the community will see this as another sign they are committed to building a vibrant future for PECMH as community support is so important because the government doesn’t fund medical equipment.

For getting such equipment, the responsibility is up to the PECMH Foundation who, through generosity of donors, organizations and community partners like the Royal Canadian Legion who can meet the foundations obligation to purchase vital medical equipment needed at the hospital as this helps to ensure their caregivers can continue to deliver great care close to home.