White Pines issue resolved, time to move on

I realize ‘letters’ regarding other ‘letters’ is not what the Letters to the Editor section is designed to accommodate, but I must call out a letter published June 27 (The Picton Gazette, June 27, Comments concerning climate emergency require clarification).

How dare you Jen Ackerman, Milford, for reprimanding us, the good people of PEC who have convincingly and overwhelmingly stood to prevent wind factories from being built in our county.

We are not trying to destroy our healthy future, and we are not climate change deniers. The White Pines project has been a political and ethical disaster for all involved in promoting it, including the former Ontario government.

And I’m sure the reason we have a new and apparently much disliked Ontario government is due to previous political and ethical disasters, along with this one.

The four wind turbines that were erected by White Pines were done so in a hurry, apparently in the hope that once built they would be deployed, even though the incoming government clearly stated they would cancel the project. This was a deliberate and irresponsible waste of money on the part of the builder and is evidence that the promoters of the project were interested only in their own welfare, and planned to recoup their investment by suing the Ontario government (they stated as much while they scrambled to erect the four turbines in the closing days of the former government.)

The promoters of wind factories in the County have embarrassed themselves over this project. The wind factory debate in the County has been resolved. Let’s spend our effort and our money addressing the climate emergency in ways that will actually improve the climate.


Mark Russell