Letter: Makers of Round Up being brought to account worldwide

Not yet, but getting there.

After 40 years of controversial use, the makers of the weed killer Round-Up (or Glysophate) are finally being brought to account for conducting what some have called a gigantic, reckless experiment on humans and the earth’s fragile ecosystems.

Monsanto, now owned by Bayer AG, just lost three U.S. court cases in which Round-Up was deemed to cause cancer.

The latest trial resulted in a $2 billion award in favor of the plaintiffs.

Worldwide, there are currently over 8,000 suits pending against the company.

A class action suit is coming soon to Saskatchewan, Canada.

Plaintiffs allege that Monsanto engaged in a range of deceptive tactics to hide the risks of its herbicides, including manipulating the scientific record, colluding with regulators and using outside individuals and organizations to promote the safety of its products while making sure they falsely appeared to be acting independently of the company.

As well as causing cancer, Glysophate is also linked to disrupting the reproductive systems of bees, fish and mammals (that’s us, folks.)

Yet our own Health Canada in 2017 approved use of Round-Up for another fifteen years to 2032.

How cowardly !

Maybe we’ll next have to start taking our government to court as being an accessory to Bayer and Monsanto’s crimes.

Canadians will have to speak up and protect ourselves and our children.

Write to Health Canada at info@hc-sc.gc.ca and/or contact your MP to demand that Canada bans the use of Round-Up.

Robin Lunn