Letter: New policy of ‘partisan’ stickers at the pumps abhorrent

Premier Doug Ford has no understanding of the seriousness of the Climate Emergency the planet is facing or that carbon taxes have been proven to work.

The only problem with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax is that it is too little to change behaviours in most people.

To threaten small business owners who operate gas stations with $10,000 fines if they don’t display his shockingly partisan stickers is blackmail of the worst order, and for any government to use my hard earned tax dollars for such a purpose is abhorrent.

The stickers are deliberately misleading because they don’t mention carbon tax rebates available to Ontarians, which more than offset the costs to the vast majority of households.

The federal government estimates the average rebate for households to be $300 in Ontario, while the average cost is estimated at $256.

Taxpayers are paying the cost of printing 25,000 decals, distributing them to the province’s 3,200 gas stations, enforcing their use, and defending the government against any legal challenges arising from sticker enforcement.

Putting a price on carbon pollution is a fair and cost-effective way to reduce the carbon pollution causing the climate crisis.

Failing to take action to address the climate crisis will cause a devastating loss of human life, and cost much more than 4.4 cents per litre.

I would love to see our Premier rescuing climate victims off the streets of our cities but I know that’s extremely unlikely for a backwards ‘leader’ who is definitely not “for the little guy”.

He should be sued by a massive class action law suit and made to sit in the unforgiving sun in 90 degree heat with no shelter or water for a day and forced to walk a mile in the moccasins of our most vulnerable people!

This sticker campaign shows a level of ignorance unbefitting of anyone, most especially a political leader.

It must be stopped.

Molly Mulloy

RR#7 Belleville