In Loving Memory of a dear daughter, Angie Harvey, who passed away 3 years ago on July 19th.
Heartfelt memories of a Daughter whose love was sweet & pure, to lose someone so precious is a pain that’s hard to endure.
You were the jewel in our hearts, you were loved in every way.
Now you’re gone, you’re truly missed each & every day.
You always brought the sunshine and you brightened up our world, spreading happiness & kindness since you were a little girl.
Daughter, life is not the same now you’re no longer here but our love for you is still strong and will remain year after year.
Always loved and remembered until we meet again. Love Dad and Mom, Denny and Bonnie Frost.
~ ~ ~
In Loving Memory of a Dear Mom, Angie Harvey, who passed away 3 years ago on July 19th.
It’s been the hardest thing to lose you, you meant so much to me.
But you are in my heart Mom, and that’s where you’ll always be.
I know that Heaven called you, but I wish you could have stayed,
At least the memories I have of you, they will never fade.
I did not want to lose you, but you did not go alone,
Because a part of me went with you when Heaven called you home.
So just remember one thing, we are not apart,
You’re with me in my memories and in my broken heart.
Always loved and remembered by her sons, Michael and Caleb Harvey.
~ ~ ~
In Loving Memory, of a dear sister and best friend, Angie Harvey, who passed away 3 years ago on July 19th.
Although I’m sad without you, and wish that you were here,
within my heart your lovely smile still shines bright and clear.
I treasure all those memories of growing up with you,
the secrets we would always share the childish things we’d do.
And as the years passed quickly by, we grew closer still,
I miss and love you dearest sister, and you know I always will.
Always loved and remembered by Amie, Evan, Emilie and her toad Emerson.