About 50 racers take to Mill St. track Saturday in annual derby





The sun was shining and a gentle breeze was blowing for the annual Soapbox Derby in Bloomfield this past Saturday.

The event is hosted by the Bloomfield Hallowell Recreation Committee and has been going for nearly three decades, according to Barry Turpin, chair of the Bloomfield Hallowell Recreation Committee.

The event, which takes place each year on the gentle slope that is Mill Street, hosted upwards of 50 participants for the running of the 2019 edition that draws drivers from all over the Quinte area.

Throngs of children could been seen excitedly watching or participating in the race, running up and down Mill Street and sometimes, even, with a soapbox race car in tow.

For those children who want to get involved, the Bloomfield Rec Committee has half a dozen race cars that are pre-built.

Or, stated Turpin, there are kits that they can buy and then make their own car. The age range for entrants is between 5-12 years.

With an emphasis on fun, the rec committee provides every child with a medallion, a Slicker’s Ice Cream Cone and lunch. There are trophies provided to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.

If the sound of children laughing is any indication, those who attended the derby on Saturday seemed to relish the event.

“The kids love it, they have a great time here,” said Turpin.

The top finishers are as seen below:

Age Group: 5

Lane Butten (1st place)

Everett Ariss (2nd place)

Niko Cordes (3rd place)

Age Group: 6-7

Dillan Price (1st place)

Will Prinzen (2nd place)

Ben Runions (3rd place)

Age Group: 8

Ivan Corbell (1st place)

Elliott Arthur (2nd place)

Ember Landucci (3rd place)

Age Group: 9

Mason Richte (1st place)

Ava Crane (2nd place)

Carson McNulty (3rd place)

Age Group: 10-11

Reese Rowbotham (1st place)

Dylan Way (2nd place)

Tristan Knight (3rd place)