Info for Seniors: CRA Warns of ‘Too-good-to-be-true’ tax schemes

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is warning Canadians about getting involved in tax schemes where promoters (including tax representatives and tax preparers) are claiming individuals can get a significant tax write-off by investing in real estate through a limited partnership.

Tax schemes are plans and arrangements that attempt to deceive taxpayers by promising to reduce taxes owed through large deductions or promises of tax free income.

Schemes can also include other creative ways to convince people they could pay less taxes.

CRA says “be careful”.

This scheme is advertised as an investment opportunity in real estate through a limited partnership.

It’s usually heavily promoted as a product with a significant tax advantage and limited liability for the investor.

The promoter of the scheme promises a tax write-off for more than double of what was invested.

Potential investors are advised they can claim a significant tax write-off because of costs being expensed in the initial year of the project.

For example, the investor has invested $5,500 and is advised they can write it off for $12,500 due to financial services, lease enhancement, tenant improvement etc. this isn’t the case.

Limited partnerships are unique arrangements that provide investors with certain benefits similar to partnerships and corporate entities.

However, different than general partnerships, the investor’s liability is restricted to the amount they invested.

Therefore, they cannot claim a higher tax write-off than invested.

CRA says “your actions may have serious consequences”.

Through increased audits of promoters, improved information gathering and informing taxpayers on how to recognize tax schemes, the CRA continues to identify and shut down tax schemes.

Those who participate in these schemes, as well as those who promote these schemes, face serious consequences, including penalties, court fines and jail time.

What can you do to protect yourself from tax schemes?

The CRA suggests that people: Get professional, independent advice before investing, especially if a deal seems too good to be true; if you have participated in a scheme, go to CRA to correct your tax affairs through the “Voluntary Disclosures Program” before CRA comes to you; help ensure tax fairness for all Canadians by reporting a lead to the CRA. This information is taken from a publication by CRA.

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