Letter: A checkered county welcome for visiting cyclists

Recently my wife and I came to visit some friends in Prince Edward County.

We are retired, in our 60s and belong to a visible minority.

We enjoy getting out on our tandem bicycle to explore the peaceful quiet country side on a hot sunny summer day.

While cycling south on Norton Road (gravel portion) we stopped at the edge of the road to have a drink of water from our reusable water bottles.

A man riding his quad bike on the road, stopped a moment and then reminded us that if we litter, we should take it with us.

There was no litter around or on us. Both my wife and I were perplexed by his comments.

Further along, riding through the village of Demorestville, we again stopped for a short break.

We were hot, tired and thirsty, so when we saw a big shade tree by the road, we thought we would grab a five minute water break.

As we stood under the cool shade, perhaps 15 feet from the road shoulder, a woman across the road told us that “You are on private property and people around here don’t go on other people’s property.“

Once again we were taken aback.

We got on our tandem bike and rode home to our friends.

On previous bicycle rides through Prince Edward County, I have felt welcomed.

Some locals have gone so far as to put coolers of water by the and most don’t mind if a cyclist’s rest a while in the shade of a tree by the road side, even though it might be on the edge of your property.

Your kindness and thoughtfulness is much appreciated.

-Porus Dinshaw,